1 Billion Prize on Controlling Robot From 100 Km




New York, The Technology company, Ex prize has made the announcement if there is any person or institution, who will prepare the successful system, which can assist in controlling the robot from the distance of 100 kilometers, he will be awarded with the prize of 10 million dollars or one billion rupees.

The main aim of this competition is to prepare such a robot, which can hear, see and touch the things, which are happened in front of him. It can also telecast all these information till the distance of 100 kilometers with accurate figures. The Ex Prize Foundation has given this competition the name of ‘The ANA Ex Prize Otar Challenge’. The Ex Prize is the non-profit company, which manages the revolutionary projects of the new technologies.

The Japanese Airline, ANA announced the amount of the reward and the international judges will make the final decision of the receiving projects in January 2019. After that the teams will have to show their performance practically from April 2020 to April 2021. Their manufactured Otar can do what sort of things and about 10 lac dollar amount will be given at the initial stage. Then the best team will come forward every year and during October 2021, the amount of 80 lac dollars will be handed over to one team and they will demonstrate their final invention for five days and it will be the final of the competition.

The founder of the company said that these systems will be developed to make the simple method to help others with less expenses and this system will consist of the robots being present in other region. These robots will work like human beings in the accident and dangerous atmosphere being controlled remotely. For example, in the atomic attack or accident, the robots can be sent there instead of the human beings to work there and they can carry out the assistance work there.

The Ex Prize set the reward of 30 million dollars for the Google Lunar ex prize and they want to send a small automatic vehicle on the moon through it but no one completed this pr

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