11 Surprising Information about Mars planet


After earth, Mars is perhaps the only planet where human researched most while most of the space shuttles are also sent towards mars because we are hopeful that Mars is the only planet after earth in solar system where life can be available.

Apart from governments, now private departments have also started making plans to settle human inhabitation and now it seems that the first human residence on mars will exist even in the 21st Century.

Discovery of Mars

No one knows about the discoverer of mars because it can easily be seen and recognized in sky since long due to its red color. Due to this, its name in past was ‘red planet’. This planet was also known as a symbol of war and wrath.

Human weight on Mars

It is usually said that mars and earth are quite similar but even then mars is very different from our planet and the first difference between earth and mars is their gravitation. The gravitational force of mars is very low as compared to earth as it has 62% less gravitation. If your weight on earth is 163 pounds then it will only be 62 pounds on mars.

Carbon Dioxide

The atmosphere of mars as compared to earth is not only very light but the quantity of carbon dioxide there is more than 98%. It should be cleared that earth’s atmosphere has 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and carbon dioxide is just 0.04%. Therefore, we can say almost the whole atmosphere of mars is composed of just one gas carbon dioxide.

Largest mountain of Solar System

Mount Everest is the largest mountain on earth but the dead volcano ‘Olympus Mons’ is the largest discovered mountain of solar system whose peak is almost 22 km and its total area is 600 km. The total area of Olympus Mons is more than mainland France. Few experts consider it to be an active volcano.

Name of Cairo

In Arabic, a name of mars is ‘al-Najm al-Qahir’ (planet of wrath). It is said that during the foundation of Egyptian city of Cairo in 972 during Fatimid empire, planet mars was also rising on the same day and it was quite evident on sky. After seeing this, the name of the new city was given its name of al-Qahira (Cairo).

One day and 1 year of Mars

It is also interesting to note that as compared to a day of 24 hours on earth, a day on mars is just 40 minutes long and its duration is 24 hours and 40 minutes. Mars’ one day is also called ‘solar day’ or ‘SOL’. But a year of mars is 687 days long as compared to earth’s year which is equivalent to 1 year, 10 months and 22 days of earth’s year. The reason is that the orbit of mars around sun is quite longer as compared to earth’s orbit around sun due to which mars takes that time to complete one circle around sun.

Closest to Earth

The average distance of mars from earth is around 77.8 million km but a time came in 2003 when the distance between mars and earth left just 56 million that was closest in 60,000 years. NASA says that mars will come so much closer to earth again after 2287 years.

Ice on Mars

As compared to earth, Mars is very cold planet where the temperature falls much below than zero degrees at night. Previously, it was thought that white caps on the hemispheres of mars are in fact dry ice of carbon dioxide but the recent research shows that it is the same ice that is present on the hemispheres of earth. It was also known that the ice age on mars just ended 400,000 years ago. It should be cleared that the last ice age on earth ended around 10,000 years ago.

Candidate of Life

After the invention of telescope, the mysteries of mars have increased instead of coming to an end. Few thought of a river and someone saw a human face on mars because humans had hope that there is life on mars but later researches proved that there is no life on mars. But the research of last 20 years has made the opinion that there is a possibility of a life of some type on this planet millions or billions years ago. But, this opinion hasn’t been proved so far.

Water on Mars

In September 2015, cosmology experts found few evidences on mars that showed the salt water could be flown in summer there but this evidence also has to be testified like many other evidences.

New Residences on Mars

As far as technology is concerned, humans have such powerful rockets and space shuttles that can reach mars in few months or few years. But, something is missing to take humans to mars by using this technology. But good news is that NASA, China and Russia along with few private departments have increased speeds to take the manned flights to mars as early as possible. Now experts are saying that humans can reach Mars till 2030s while it is a possibility that the first human residence on mars will be built in 2050.

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