15 Pictures of Pakistan Natural Beauty


All of the big cities of Pakistan have the noisy and polluted environment but the northern areas and some hilly areas are free from pollution and they can show the natural beauty, which attract most of the people and they like to come and have fun in these beautiful areas.

There are 10 different pictures of the beautiful areas and they can show their love for scenic masterpiece and beauty in their backyard.

1.      Eagles nest — Hunza

2.      Interior Sindh


3.      Rural Punjab


4.       Seaview, Karachi


5.       Interior Sindh


6.       Shardah, Neelum Valley, Kashmir


7.       Plaza, Karachi


8.       Atabad Lake


9.       Hingol


10.     Manthokha Waterfalls — Skardu, Baltistan


11.     Golden marmot at Deosai


12.     Interior Sindh


13.     Kachura Lake


14.     Satpara Lake


15.       Hingol


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