2015 Telenor Youth Forum in Norway


Telenor Youth Forum 2015 which was formerly considered as Telenor Youth Summit is currently collecting the applications for their forum 2015 which is going to start at Oslo, Norway, at the annual Nobel Peace Prize distribution Ceremony.

Telenor Youth Forum Norway 2015

Telenor Youth Forum Norway 2015

The major and first objective behind this youth centric forum is to get together all the winners under one banner who are fanatical, opinion leaders also who has got a wish to control the future of Digital in the whole world. The recent branding reveals at a significant time while the Telenor Group desires to encourage the open dialogue, knowledge sharing and as well the learning between the member of in the forum this year.

How many people will participate in this youth forum?

26 shortlisted candidates from totally 13 different local destinations of Telenor in different countries are going to come along for the forum also for the Nobel Peace Prize distribution Ceremony.

Application requirements      

Sooner than you fire up your keyboard and you start to filling up the forms. In the following there are some of application needs which are required to be fulfilled in any condition. You have to be;

·         Between 18 and 28 years of age in year 2015

·         You must be fluent in English

·         Must be from one of these 13 states: Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Montenegro, Myanmar, Norway, Pakistan, Serbia, Sweden or Thailand

·         You must be keen about the driving social, economic as well as the environmental change in your community

·         You must have strong opinions along with the chosen forum topic and would like to share on a international stage

 How candidates will be selected?

Following the final date of application acceptance, all the chosen applicants are going to be contacted through email from Telenor Group. After that the candidates are going to be analyzed by the local judges also by the management of Telenor.

If you are going clear this very challenging step, then you are going to be chosen for the trip to Oslo, Norway, where you are going to be capable to show up your idea for conclusion in front of the stockholders, judges also the officials of the Telenor.

Some tips before your fill up the form

We can’t refuse this reality that you are required to be clear and brief about the point which you are trying to explain.

Your method must have profundity, substance also worth. Describe your idea in detail.

Read this for writing for more perfect essay.

·         this is not a PhD thesis, the more customized and pertinent your writing is, and the more you will get the attention of the officials.

·         Your essay has to explain that you are dedicated about the cause, the issue also the conclusion.

·         You have to truthful in your writing, must don’t over embellish the stuff because it is going to reflect seriously on you.

·         Do not write up the essay in only as single trial, take your time. Write an outline, and following that get back and include more staff, and then get back and expand it. While you feel that it is now complete and ready, state it in front of your colleagues for advice and following getting the final review submit it.

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