2019 Mexican Government Scholarship Program for International Students


2019 Mexican Government Scholarship Program

2019 Mexican Government Scholarship Program

The applications are invited from the students for 2019 Mexican Government scholarship on behalf of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) asks the foreign citizens to take interest in study for the master degree specialization or doctorate and they conduct the graduate or post doctoral research after taking interest in the undergraduate or graduate level academic mobility program to take part in the 2019 Mexican Government Scholarship program for international students. The Mexican government has sponsored this scholarship fully.

This Scholarship for International Students is the excellent opportunity to find the new horizons of different industries. The Free Scholarship will be added with all expenses of Participant. The Mexican government invites the scholarships for Students under AMEXCID scholarship every year.

This Full Scholarship for Students is added with Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students, Graduate Scholarships, Masters Scholarships for International Students & Ph.D. Scholarships, Doctoral Scholarships.

About 2019 Mexican Government Scholarship:

  • The scholarships are provided to over 180 countries through series of bilateral conventions, multilateral programs and special agreements.
  • Over 70 Mexican institutions participate and all offer academic programs.
  • Mexican government offers the scholarships for international students and Mexico is strengthening its role as an actor with global responsibility and renews its commitment to the cooperation programs and it can help to create highly-skilled human capital.
  • The presence of international students in Mexico, academics and scientists help to build permanent bridges of dialogue to enrich long-term foreign policy agenda through contributions of exceptional value for country and its partners abroad. In addition, the Mexican institutions and academic community benefit from increased internationalization.

General Terms & Conditions:

All Scholarships are awarded under this call and the academic activities will be started from 1st March to 8th December, 2019, in the following Modalities:

Academic Studies & Scholarship Duration:

  • Undergraduate & Graduate Mobility Programs (One Academic Term including trimester, quarter or semester)
  • Graduate-Level research and postdoctoral fellowships (12 Months in which 1 Month Minimum)
  • Specialization (1 Year)
  • Masters Degree (2 Years)
  • Doctoral Programs (3 or 4 Years (according to the program)
  • Medical specialization and sub-specialization (3 Years)

Please Check List of Institutions & academic Programs, which will be offered / not offered in Mexican Government Scholarship. 


  • The scholarships for academic studies are offered to the candidates to take programs for specialization, Master’s or Ph.D. degrees and postgraduate researches. Likewise, the offer includes academic mobility for Bachelors and Postgraduate Degree.
  • Candidates do not live in Mexico at the time of submission of application.
  • Except in special cases, scholarships cannot be started in November or December.
  • Requests for information and all scholarship applications will be submitted to Mexican embassy or concurrent embassy of the applicant’s country or to designated Mexican institution. The applications fulfilling all of requirements will be considered.
  • All documents and forms must be in Spanish or submitted with their translations in Spanish language.
  • Candidates will be informed about results by corresponding Mexican embassy or designated Mexican institution
  • The scholarships are not transferable and cannot be deferred to use in coming years.

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Monthly stipend of 4 times the value of Unit of Measure and Actualization (UMA) for undergraduate mobility scholarships, specializations, Master’s degrees or Masters-level research, Spanish language or Mexican culture courses. The stipend was calculated with the minimum salary in Mexico City in 2018 and it was equivalent to $9,604.80 pesos (approximately USD 529.77).
  • Monthly stipend of 5 times the value of Unit of Measure and Actualization (UMA) for doctoral programs and research periods, postdoctoral fellowships and medical specialties and subspecialties. The stipend was calculated with the minimum salary in Mexico City in 2018 and it was equivalent to $12,066.00 Mexican pesos (approximately USD $665.52).
  • Monthly stipends are not divisible or partial. The scholarships will be paid at end of each month.
  • Registration fees and tuition as established by program at each institution subject to final decision of participating HEI, which is mentioned in letter of acceptance.
  • Health insurance from Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), which is starting from third month of scholarship. The scholarship recipient must have health insurance to covers both major and minor medical expenses and provides international coverage for first three months in Mexico.
  • The cost of temporary resident/student visa issuance for stays longer than 180 days.

Round Airfare Tickets:

  • It depends on reciprocity with partner country and it will be added with round-trip international airfare at beginning and/or satisfactory term of the scholarship. The air ticket will be purchased in economy class and it will be considered most convenient flight route for Academic Exchange Office.
  • Should recipient of scholarship, pursue studies outside Mexico City, transportation from Mexico City to host institution and back will be provided, at the start and end of his/her academic activities.

Important Notes: Candidates will be informed about results by corresponding Mexican embassy or designated Mexican institution.

Application Deadline:

  • The application deadline for Mexican Government Scholarship is 28th September 2018.
  • The deadline will not be extended.
  • The results will be announced on 5th December 2018 through exican diplomatic offices abroad.

Very Important Part:

Please download following documents including application form for in-depth deep details about each and every point about Mexican Government Scholarship. All details are mentioned under PDF document.

2019 Mexican Government Scholarships for International Students

List of Institutions and Academic Programs

Download the Application Form

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