3000 Amazon Satellites to Give Fastest Internet Speed


Amazon Leaves 3000 Satellites to Get Fastest Internet Speed

San Francisco, E-Commerce leading and prominent company, Amazon has announced to leave thousands of the satellites in the space for the broadband internet. 3000 Amazon Satellites to Give Fastest Internet Speed.

Amazon has announced that they have made the plan to send over 3000 satellites in the lower orbit of the earth. This project is titled as ‘Project Coyper’ and the fastest internet will be provided all over the world.

This project is designed with the aim to provide the internet services to the people living in deprived and less developed areas of the world. According to Amazon, the satellites can give the best solution of it. Amazon submitted the details of this project in United Nations International Telecommunication Union. The rocket company of Alvin Misk, SpaceX and One Web Company of Airbus are competing Amazon in this matter as One Web has already sent six rockets in the space about two months before.

3000 Amazon Satellites to Give Fastest Internet Speed

Leuset and Canadian company, Teleset have presented their revolutionary innovations for such projects and it has made the plan to make thousands of small satellites instead of the traditional satellites and these satellites will work under laser and computer chip technology.

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