30,000 Solar Tubewells Installation in Baluchistan


Solar Tubewells Installation in Baluchistan

Solar Tubewells Installation in Baluchistan

The conventional electricity run tube wells were installed in Baluchistan and now these conventional tube wells have been replaced by the solar powered tube wells. The meeting was done between the officials of Federal government and Baluchistan government and they finalized the project. The attendants of the meeting were representatives of Ministry of Planning, Power Division, Ministry of Finance and Government of Baluchistan.

They were agreed for the viability studies of the project and it is added with installation of 30,000 solar run tube wells. It is expected that this meeting will be conducted within one month and all of the obstacles will be solved.

Expected Advantages

When this project will be completed, it will result in annual savings of about Rs.23 billion. The government sponsors the electricity bills of farmers and it has cost of Rs.23 billion. It will also give the advantage to the farmers as they pay about Rs.150 billion electricity bills.

Decrease in Theft of Electricity

With the installation of the solar power tube wells, the theft of the electricity will be decreased. The government of Baluchistan drew their attention to fact that farmers were not paying utility bills and it was denting the crippled economy of the country. The federal minister for power division also said that the theft of the electricity will be stopped with the solar power tube wells. He also said that any illegal and unauthorized connection will be disclosed during the replacement of the old tube wells. The authorities will take severe action against the defaulters.

Cooperation on Project

Federal government has shown its pleasure and support to the tube well project and the participants of the meeting were told that government will provide financial and moral aid during this project. The representative of the government said that this project will bring off grid solution to the far off areas of Baluchistan in near future. Quetta Electric Company will provide the technical details in order to ensure the smooth switch from electricity run to the solar powered tube wells in the province.

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