3G Auction in Pakistan Expected in July


The third generation of mobile 3G is expected to be auctioned on 29th of July and the price of the auction to be $210 million which takes place in bidding.

3G Auction in Pakistan

3G Auction in Pakistan

The amount to be deposited by the bidders with an initial expression of interest would be 31.5 million dollar according to the Chairman of PTA Dr. Muhammad Yasin. The license terms are expected to last from 8 to 15 years time.

According to the Chairman 10 to 15 percent of the initial bidding price is expected. The process of offering 3G services is expected by the Telecom Sectors to start immediately who will be awarded a license thereafter. The case is different for new operators they will have to wait for July 2013 when the services of 3G will start in the country.

The base price is higher than what was expected by the Analysts. According to the earlier estimates the base price for licensed 3G will be 195 million $ says the Analysts.

They are of the view that bid can’t be won beyond 270$ though it is expected by the previous telecom operators to play their part in increasing the bidding price.

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