4 Interesting and Unknown Uses of Google Chrome


4 Interesting and Unknown Uses of Google Chrome

4 Interesting and Unknown Uses of Google Chrome


Although Internet Explorer browser is now dead because it couldn’t change itself with time but Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are still alive. We are presenting here four such tips of Google Chrome that are not known by common people.

Google has advanced a lot since 2008 and has introduced several important features while few among them are listed below.

Official and Personal Use of Chrome

While working in offices, we have different bookmarks, logins and browsing information and these features are different in our homes. On that occasion, Chrome provides you different profiles of browsing that work similar to Windows and MAC OS accounts. Following is the procedure.

There are 3 dots on the right side of Chrome. From there, you can go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘manage other people’ and then add ‘Person’. You can still see you profile there but now you write your name after going at another account and select a picture.

After setting an account, you can adjust its bookmarks, web apps and logins automatically. Now select any account from top right corner and you can open two accounts of two windows of Chrome separately. Now you can select these profiles for more than one platform like tab and phone.

Chrome’s new Canary Version

Google Chrome browser has 4 different versions and most of the people use its ‘stable’ version which has been experimented a lot. But there is new work on Google’s Canary version every day which is shown on your browser immediately. Due to this it can cause problems and bugs which is the reason that developers like this version.

Its advantage is that the new feature launched prior to Chrome’s standard version can be viewed and use here. In the Stable Version of Google, a change occurs after 1.5 months on average while Canary version changes every day. If you want to experience this version then go to the ‘chrome release channel page’ of Google and select your favorite browser version.

Augmentation of Address Bar

Omni Box’ is the name given to Google’s Address bar but it is not only a search bar to type web address but it can be used for several other purposes. You can directly search here on Google. You can also search a password of any website from here and it can be used for any website and URL.

Open different Files in Chrome

Chrome is not only a web browser but you can also open different types of files in it. It not only shows PDF, photos and other files but you can also run any audio and video file by drag and drop it on open Chrome browser.

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