5 Chrome Extensions for Smart Browsing


Chrome became the most popular browser among the web users and it is added with fast user interface and the higher functionality and the browser has taken the big names like FireFox and Internet Explorer. There are some users, who might not know Chrome has option to add the extensions to increase the potential of browser exponentially.

There are some extensions, which are small programs to add extra functionality to the web browser and there are thousands of the extensions, which are available for Chrome and they can perform variety of functions like automatically finding shopping coupons to make the computer run faster. They need to try top 5 Chrome extensions that everyone should have.

1.      The Great Suspender

The great suspender is the extension, which every Chrome user should have and it is used with any web browser to tend to take lot of memory space on the computer to lead to the slower performance and has lower battery life. This magical extension cope with the problem by pausing the unused tabs after the user specified amount of time and result into the lower memory usage and battery drain.

2.      Giphy

There are many people, who use GIFs, which is very popular just like emojis. To find out the right GIF at the right time, it is not easy and it requires searching for it over the internet. Giphy extension makes the things lot simpler and it integrates the GIF search option right into your Chrome browser and you can select it from vast array of the available options.

3.      Grammarly

Grammarly is perfect Chrome extension for the people, who have problems with spellings and the punctuation. The extension provides the contextual spell checks and grammar advice and it is perfect for those, who get their ‘its’ and ‘it’s’ mixed up. It has premium version and it will also suggest better vocab and check for the plagiarism.

4.      Save to Pocket

Save to pocket is the wonderful extension for the people, who come across the good article on internet and they do not have time to read it at the moment. The extension solves this problem after adding the pocket icon to browser, which the users click to save the article and they can read it afterwards easily. It gives the feature to arrange the things with the addition of particular tags with each article.

5.      Feedly

This extension is provided to the users to keep them up with news for the particular subject area after compiling the favorite news sources into the categorized feeds. Feedly is the extension, which adds small icon at right side to the bottom of each page and they need to click in order to add news source to the feeds.

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