5G to launching soon


The government is giving progress to the telecommunication industry within the country and the Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms said that the government is taking initiatives to launch their fifth generation (5G) cellular services to ensure the fast and safe connectivity.

Most of the people are already using the 3G and 4G cellular services and they will get more benefit from the next advanced mobile network technology after the launching of 5G in the coming days.

The ‘Pakistan StartUp Cup’ competition for young entrepreneurs have been managed with the collaboration of US Embassy with The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE)  and he said that US and Pakistan were working on ‘knowledge corridor’ and there would be 10,000 PhDs from Pakistan, who will complete their training from US universities. In this competition, there were 950 teams hailing from Islamabad, Faisalabad, Karachi and Lahore and they competed for prize of Rs. 1 million. The minister said that they have good hopes with the young and coming generation, and they have great potential to contribute in the prosperity and development of the country.

He further said that government has already accorded the approval of grant of Rs 250 billion in last four years to the Higher Education Commission for the improvement of higher education within the country. During the competition, it was announced that ‘Cowlar’ team won the competition and this was belonged to Islamabad. This team has developed the start up plan to sell small collars to the cows, in order to help the farmers to improve the health of the herd and carry out their dairy operations and they also increase the milk yields.

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