6 foods Avoid eating for breakfast


In the morning, you really like to eat foods like hash browns, cheese omelletes and doughnuts but these are not good for your health as they contain lots of sugar and fats.

Most of us know this but there are other such foods not suitable for breakfast but not known by many people. These foods provide less nutrition and increase the craving for junk food later in the day. Following are six such foods that should be avoided consuming during the breakfast.


Many people will be surprised to see cereals in this list but it should be remembered that most of cereals are low in nutrition and high in sugar. Such food will make you crave for food just sometime after breakfast that will make the way for fatty foods in the breakfast.

Overnight oats are better than these grocery-stored cereals as they will not only keep you full all day but they are also easy to cook and eat. But if you go for cereal then look for the one with per serving of minimum 5 grams of fiber and maximum 10 grams of sugar.

Green juices

Vegetables present in this drink are high in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins but the fruits used in the drink make them high in sugar also while they are almost empty in protein and fiber.

Low sugar green juice should be selected if you want to start the day with the juice while things like egg, yogurt, fruit or brown bread should also be consumed with this juice.

Flavoured yogurts

In flavored yogurt, the amount of sugar is comparable to the sugar present in croissant and thus it should be avoided completely to remain healthy. There are also reports that you can gain weight also by skipping the fat completely.

Therefore, healthy diet can be achieved by using plain yogurt of both low fat and full fat. You can also use honey, fruit or maple syrup to sweeten this plain yogurt.

Pre-mixed oatmeal

In most of the oatmeal brands at grocery stores, pre mixed oatmeal are available that contain instant fibers that are low in fiber and high in sugars as compared to rolled oats.

You can have homemade instant oatmeal if regular oatmeal are not available as they are also rich in fiber, low in sugar and easy to be prepared.

Toast with buttery spreads

Even with the healthy bread, you can’t have the best breakfast if fake butter is used with the bread. The main reason is the abundance of trans fats in these butter spreads and margarines which lower good cholesterol, raises bad cholesterol and increases the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. This meal also lacks fruits, vegetables and proteins.

You can make a healthy breakfast with bread by use either real butter or something like vegetable omelette with it.


Coffee has its own benefits but it can’t be used in place of a proper breakfast. For the time being, you can reduce your appetite due to caffeine but later you will end up by eating unhealthy snack due to severe hunger.

Either use coffee with a delicious and healthy meal or use coffee in the morning and consume a small sandwich or cheese later instead of an unhealthy snack.


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