Aamir Khan and his Wife decided to Leave India


Aamir Khan is one of the leading and most popular actor of Bolywood film industry. He said that his wife was frightened with the number of cases, which were related to the religious intolerance. So she suggested her husband, Aamir Khan to leave India.

He further said that he could not deny and number of incidents, which were quoted in the interview, warned him & he said in the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in the Journalism award.

Kiran Rao is the wife of the actor and she is also a filmmaker herself. He further added that the sense of insecurity and fear was increasing in India as the situation is becoming worse since last six or eight months.

The actor also said that he talked with his wife and she suggested moving out of India. This was the big comment from her as she was frightened for her child. She is also terrified about the atmosphere around her and she felt fear to open the newspapers, as these are also filled with the stores of fear and terror. All these reasons made her disquiet from the terrific situation around her. The people should feel about such situation and he also had the same feelings. He further added that the most important thing for him to have sense of justice and security.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Khan

Aamir Khan and Kiran Khan

It is also said that various artists, writers and sensitive people are returning their awards as they are registering their protest against the tense situation around them. The creative people should raise their voice against such intolerant situation and they should show their dissatisfaction or disappointment by returning their awards. Huge number of people, writes, scientists, historians and many other are feeling such situation and they want to express their feelings with others.

He was asked about his response over this situation and he said that people wanted to protest over it as long as the situation became non-violent. The people have the right to protest against this situation and they can also protest against the present situation and it is their right to do so but they do not need to take law into their hands.

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