Actress Meera Going to Build Hospital in Lahore


While visiting to inquire the health of injured Imran Khan in the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, Lahore the film start Meera as a result of inspiration from PTI Leader decided to build her own hospital at Harronabad.

The film star revealed that while she was raising funds in Toronto, Canada that she intends to build her own hospital in Harronabad and the purpose is to help the Mankind just like the leader of PTI, Imran Khan and that is why fund raising campaign is speeded up.

During an interview Meera told that the amount of money she has received up till now is 400USD and she will do more campaigning for this purpose. She wants to follow Imran Khan and want to be a Philanthropist.

The reason she gave about the failure of her mother in the election was that she could have won but due to rigging she lost.

Pakistani Film  Actress Meera

Pakistani Film Actress Meera

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