Adnan Sami Becomes Nervous On Citizenship of His Daughter


Pakistani born Indian singer Adnan Sami becomes nervous on the question about citizenship of his daughter who is born in Germany.

According to Indian media reports, Indian settled singer Adnan Sami became father of a daughter last week but he became nervous when he was asked about the citizenship of his daughter after her birth in Germany. Later, he said that it doesn’t matter that his daughter is born in Germany and she will be called an Indian no matter where is she born.

The singer told that his wife will return to India with her daughter after sometime and then he will do file work for citizenship of his daughter. He said that Mumbai is his home while his daughter is born in Germany because family of his wife is residing in Germany and his in-laws were taking care of his wife due to his foreign tours.

When the singer was asked about naming his daughter Medina, he replied that he named her regarding the city of Medina where the last Prophet (PBUH) resided. Even today, Medina is known for love, peace and hospitality while its Azaan is also quite beautiful due to which he thought it appropriate to name his daughter “Medina”.

Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami

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