Ali Zafar Wrote Letter Against VIP Culture in Concert


Karachi, the leading and popular actor and singer, Ali Zafar wrote an open letter to the management of all events, in which he requested to finish the reserve area for the VIP and special persons in front of the stage during the concerts. Some people criticized Ali Zafar and Atif Aslam during a concert that they reserved the VIP section instead of students near the stage. In his letter, he wrote that such arrangements can also disturb their performance. He further added that he felt being the performer that the VIP style ends the style of the concert, which he wants to present to the public then there is no contact with him and his fans.

Ali Zafar further wrote that the concert is organized for the students so that they can get the enjoyment. Due to some special persons, the students and other audience are away from him and it is wrong example, which is set for them. He made the request to the management of the concert that they allow the real audience to come close to them during their performance in any concert. He requested to them not to make the VIP area near the stage so that the students and his fans come close to him.


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