All about Pakistani Census 2017


The Census was delayed twice and the national census is set to begin on March 15. This will be the biggest and vast census, which is conducted all across the country and the previous census was conducted in 1998. There are 118,918 trained personnel and 200,000 military persons, who are conducting the census. The enumerators are trained by the government and military respectively.

The Minister of State for Information Marrium Aurangzeb shared the information in the press conference with Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major General Asif Ghafoor and the chief Census Commissioner, Asif Bajwa.

Rs. 18.5 Billion Will Be Spent on The Census

The minister of state said that Rs.18.5 billion have been allocated for census and this census will be conducted in two phases over period of 2 months. The first phase of census will be conducted from 15 March to 15 April and after that there will be 10 days interval. The interval helps to relocate the staff from phase one areas to phase 2 areas. The second phase of census will be started on April 25 and it will be finished on 25 May. The deputy commissioners will be head of the respective districts and the assistant commissioners will be head of the individual tehsils.

Providing Wrong Info Will Get You 6 Months in Jail

DG ISPR warned that the people, who will lie or provide wrong information, they will be sent to jail for 6 months with fine of Rs.50,000.

When the census will be conducted, the transgender and physically disabled persons will be profiled separately. When the census will be finished on 25 May, the provisional lists would be published and the number of men and women would be announced and also show the rural and urban population.

Minister of State, Marium Aurangzeb also said that the awareness campaign has been introduced to inform the people about the procedure of census. The geographic information system will be used to profile the people on the basis of their demographics. If the people want to register a complaint or they want to provide information, they can call on the helpline:0800-57574.

Military Personnel Will Be Linked With NADRA

DG ISPR added that each of the enumerator will be accompanied by a soldier and the soldiers will be linked with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to verify the information, which the people will provide to them.

He noted that 1998 census was used as an example for the staff to be prepared for coming census. This process took 90 days and it has employed about 250 enumerators. Now this process of census will take 60 days along with the 200,000 military personnel.


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