Apple Computer Unprotected from Virus


Silicon Valley, There were many attacks of the ransom ware and the abduction for ransom of the computer data but the users of Apple Machintosh were satisfied because the Windows operating system was targeted during these attacks but it seems that they will also face the same situation like the users of other systems and computers.

The cyber crime security experts, who keep an eye of the crimes and internet of the criminals, ‘Dark Web’, warned that some ransom ware are placed for the sale, which has the aim to affect the Apple Machintosh computers and grab the data, which is saved in these computers. It is to be clear that the ransom ware attack was done on the Apple computers this year but it has very low intensity and very little damage was done so it could not get public. But the experts of the cyber security warned at the same time.

The hackers attached very few on the Apple Machintosh and very few virus are made to affect these computers so it was common that Mac OS (Machintosh Operating System) does not need any antivirus or other security programs of the same nature but the spy ware and ransom ware like ‘Mac Spy’ and ‘Mac Ransom’ were present on the dark web, the danger is increased to the users of Apple Machintosh.

The hackers work back to target the Windows and other Microsoft products were used to say that they are against the monopoly of Microsoft and they are doing so. But the cyber security experts said that ransom wares are prepared with a particular thinking to attack on the Apple Machintosh computers.

The Apple Machintosh is included in the very expensive computers and the rich and high class people use them. These people also pay more ransom than other people in case of stealing of the data. Approximately this is the thinking that Ransom ware, Spy ware and Virus are prepared for the Apple Machintosh.

It is the matter of worry that such dangerous programs are also sold on the ‘Dark Web’ openly and it is imagined that such a big virus attack will be done on the Apple Machintosh computer in the future.

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