Apps Worth $40 Billion Download in First Half of 2019


Mobile Application

Mobile Application

It is reported that the users have spent the large amount of $40 billion to buy the apps from iOS App Store and Google Play Store during last six months of this year. It is also said that total $71 billion were spent on the apps and games during last year. Apps Worth $40 Billion Download in First Half of 2019. It is considered that this is the huge amount, which has been increased by 15.4 percent in first half of 2019.

There is the new record for app, which is spent during this year. The users have spent total $40 billion on apps and mobile games. When you compare the two biggest app stores, iOS App Store is accounted for $25.5 billion of total spending on app and it is almost 45% higher than what Google Play earned for $14.2 billion.

gross app revenue

gross app revenue

Google Play Store has earned 19.6% more revenue, if you compare it to the first half of 2018 and it is going from $11.8 billion to $14.2 billion. The total revenue for iOS App Store has increased by 13.2% from $22.6 billion to $25.5 billion.

Game Revenue

Most of the users buy the mobile games and apps and it is big source of revenue for app stores. The total spending has been increased by 11.6% in first half of 2019 and it reached to $29.9 billion for both stores.

The growth has been slower mainly because of the downturn in spending of consumer on iOS in China. The App Store has recorded the amount of 7.8% growth and the spending of Google Play has been increased considerably by 16.8%. Tinder is on the top with the spending of users of $497 million with the year to year growth of 32% and after that Netflix is on the second number with total earning of $399 million. The most downloaded applications fall under umbrella of Facebook are the WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

Revenue Earned Per Game

Honor of the Kings is on the top game, which is brought more than $728 million and after that the games of Fate/Grand Order Sony Aniplex has earned about $628 million. Monster Strike by Mixi is the next game with the earning of about $566 million and Candy crush saga is on the 4th number while PUBG comes on the 5th position in terms of revenue.

Google Play Store has the clear lead in the mobile game downloads and it is available widely.

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