ASF Stops Drug Smuggling at Islamabad Airport Apprehending Smuggler


NEW Islamabad International Airport

Airport Security Force (ASF) has thwarted the attempt of smuggling the narcotics from Islamabad International Airport. The security personnel of ASF stopped the passenger, who was attempting to smuggle the drugs. On his suspicious activities, the authority took him in the custody and after thorough search of his body, it was revealed that the smuggler was carrying the drugs, which were hidden in his undergarments.

On his search, 626 gram heroine was recovered from the suspected passenger, who was going to board on the international flight. The concerned authorities arrested him and handed him over to Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) for further investigation and legal action. ASF Stops Drug Smuggling at Islamabad Airport Apprehending Smuggler.

It is reported that the drug smuggling incidents have been increasing during past few months. The law enforcement agencies are taking strict actions and they have stopped some attempts to smuggle the drugs on the international airports across the country.

The press released has been issued, in which it was stated ANF took action on 11 April 2019 and they stopped smuggling of drugs of 3145.15 kgs having the value of Rs.2.995 billion in the international market and they have arrested 32 culprits including 2 ladies and they have conducted the 25 counter narcotics strikes. The seized drugs are added with 2999.48 kg Hashish, 99.58 kg Opium, 39.7 kg Heroine and 6.39kg Amphetamine (Ice)

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