Glove Changes Language of Gestures to Written Script

San Diego, The Experts of the University of have prepared such an intelligent glove (smart glove), which the dumb people can wear and they can change their gestures into words. Most ... Continue Reading →
Wire Hanging

Indian Office Where Employees Work Wearing Helmet

Bihar, You saw the people wear the helmet, when they drive their motorbike. But there is a office in India, where the employees work wearing the helmet. You will be very surprised ... Continue Reading →

KFC Releases Its own Smart Phone

The fast food chain of the world, KFC has partnered with the mobile phone manufacturing company, Huawei to release their own smart phone in the market. The device has the trademark ... Continue Reading →
Tourists Enjoy in Unique Way in China

Tourists Enjoy in Unique Way in China

You have to watch various beautiful and stunning scenes of the lotus flowers and its petals floating on the surface of water. But huge number of the viewers reached Chinese province, ... Continue Reading →
Air Conditioned Umbrellas for Hajj and Umrah

Introduction of Air Conditioned Umbrellas for Hajj and Umrah

An air-conditioned umbrella has been introduced in Saudi Arabia for pilgrims. This umbrella will help the pilgrims to protect themselves from tiredness and scorching heat. A Saudi ... Continue Reading →

First object to Earth’s orbit teleported by China

Scientists were not sure in the beginning of 1990s that teleportation could be possible using quantum physics. But now the Chinese researchers have teleported a photon to a satellite ... Continue Reading →
Google to Fund AI Startups Through New VC Firm

Google to use NEW VC Firm for funding of AI Startup

Artificial Intelligence is known as the technology of future and now Google is launching Gradient Ventures, a new venture capital firm. For AI startups, this newly launched firm by ... Continue Reading →

Gangnum Style no More Most Watched Video on YouTube

Gangnum Style of the South Korean singer, Saai has been the most watched video on the YouTube for last five year. Now this song has been replaced by the video of the new song, ‘See ... Continue Reading →
Mehwish Hayat

Trailer of Movie ‘Punjab Nahi Jaungi’ Releases Now

Karachi, the film makers of the film,’ Jawani Phir Nahi Aani’ of the Pakistani cinema is now back with another successful movie, Punjab Nahi jaungi. Nadeem Beyg is the director ... Continue Reading →

Robots Serve Pizza in the Restaurant in Multan

During the modern world, the use of robots is common in most of the departments. These robots are serving people and they carry out their jobs and replace the people. Now the robots ... Continue Reading →
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