Automatic 70cc Motorcycle Launched in Pakistan


The company has launched the new automatic 70 cc motorcycle in the auto industry of Pakistan. The company has made the investment like various other auto companies like Volvo, Volkswagen and more. The motor cycle segment is overseeing the spurt of investments and the people, who do not capable of supporting the car, they need to get the motorbike as the realistic option. The car manufacturers got the achievements in effectiveness and cost efficiency and motor bike manufacturers in Pakistan are getting the vehicle and show the expertise towards the semi automatic or completely automatic gearbox in the motorbike, which are rarely found in the motorbikes.

Few years before, Superpower introduced the clutchless or automatic scooter in Pakistan but it did not fare well at that time. Union Star brings the same technology to the newly launched 70cc bike and the technology, which is being used for older people and for the female drivers to make the bikes very simple to operate. These automatic motor bikes have no gearbox, clutch and kick and 70 cc bike is utilized to direct drive technology for the operation.

The sources said that 4 transmission bike is added with single cylinder engine and it can hold about 9liters of petrol. The price of the bike is not exclusively established and it is also claimed that it will cost about 45000 rupees to get 70 cc automatic motorbike of Union Star.

Automatic Bikes: The Good and the Bad

The automatic motorbike has the advantage to use the minimal effort to start and most of the people like to get this motorbike. The people, who live in dense area, this motorbike is hassle free to up and downshift the motorbike in quick successions. As no feedback is required from clutch so bike runs fast when you give it the throttle. It will be easier to learn for new bikers.

The automatic bike may not get popularity and people do not leave the comfort zones and manual transmission for which they are accustomed to. The automatic bikes will be easy to operate and they will require change in mindsets. It is the proven fact that bikers like to have simple bike like Honda CG 125 and there are different reasons for every roadside mechanic to understand the bike and this motorbike is fully assembled in Pakistan to add the economic factor.

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