Ban on 13 Universities for MPhil & PhD Degrees


Higher Education Commission put ban on 13 universities to enroll the students in their MPhil and PhD programs in their distance learning programs. All these universities did not comply with the HEC approved guidelines of the HEC.

When the delegation of HEC visited the campuses of these universities physically, they found that these universities have lack of adequate faculty. There are about 4000 students and now HEC has issued the instructions to these universities to shift these students to the regular programs of the universities.

Banned Universities

There are following universities, which were banned by the Quality Assurance Division of HEC.

HEC has issued the letter to these universities and according to this letter, the concerned universities will not take admission of the students in any of the distance education programs and these admissions are stopped immediately till finalization of the recommendation by the committee.

No Proper Policy

It is necessary to mention that HEC is yet to finalize the policy about the distance learning program. HEC checks the quality of education in these programs on the basis of the same policy, which is implemented for the regular degree programs. HEC has prepared the draft of the new policy about the distance learning programs but it is not approved yet. There are about 70,000 students that were enrolled in distance learning programs in various universities across the country.

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