Best Selling Smartphone


Best Selling Smartphone

Best Selling Smartphone 

Samsung is the biggest smart phone manufacturing company and only Apple is competing this company. The manufacturer, Samsung has launched its latest flagship, Galaxy S8, which was the highest selling smart phone in the world for Q2 and the company has shipped 10.2 million S8 smart phones in the second quarter of 2017. This smart phone has the bigger sibling, Galaxy S8+ and it is added with 9 million shipments and 4th position in the market.

Other Contenders

Xiaomi has continued the upward rise during the quarter and low end Redmi 4A took the honor of becoming third best selling Android phone. All 4 of current top phones fall in ultra high end bracket of market and throw the price sensitivity out of window.

Apple had the pretty clear lead with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus flagships and the standard version was popular with 16.9 million units, which is shipped during quarter. The plus model was not far behind at 15.1 million units. They had the market shares of 4.7 and 4 percent respectively.

The top ten best selling phones are made up for every 1 out of the 4 smart phones, which are shipped in quarter. The market has the overall shipments of 360.4 million units during this quarter and it was from 341.5 million units a year before and it stagnate the Chinese market.

Smartphone Business of Samsung Back on Track

Samsung is leading in the global smart phone industry and this company has shipped 79.5 million smart phones last quarter, which is compared to Apple 41 million.

Apple is facing the threat of being overtaken by the mobile phone manufacturing company, Huawei, which has shipped 38.4 million smart phones and the fast surging Oppo and Xiaomi.

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