Biggest Luxury Private Plane


A unique and wonderful aero plane has been revealed in London, which is not only the biggest private air plane of the world but also look like a five star hotel. This VVIP dream liner airplane has the capacity of 30 passengers. This air craft has the wonderful decoration and you can enjoy with the tasty and delicious food, smart cabin crew, comfortable bed, extra large windows, luxurious sofas, tables, bathrooms and televisions, which can make your air travelling better many times than ordinary air traveling. It will be your dream to travel in this air plane to cover over 9800 kilometers in about 17.5 hours but you should have 20,000 pounds per hour in your pocket to travel in this air plane. If you want to travel from London to New York on this most comfortable and luxurious air plane, then you should have 1 lac and 60 thousand pounds in your pocket.

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