BJP Declares SRK Traitor on Social Media


Mumbai, Bhartia Janta Party is the ruling party and it is very biased party. The BJP secretary general has shown his bias against Shah Rukh Khan is against Bollywood king, Shah Rukh Khan and his movie ‘Raees’ and they declared him the traitor.

King Khan showed the cruel face to the Hindu extremists and BJP when the Hindu extremism and non tolerance was growing in the country. Now the Hindu extremists are against the king Khan and they failed his two recently released movies including ‘Dilwale’ and ‘Fan’. Now they have biased approach against him and they are trying to sabotage his film career.

Indian ruling party went against him and they are opposing his new coming movie, Raees’ and the secretary general of the party used the social media, Twitter and tweeted against him and also declared him the traitor of the country. He also declared strong opposition his new coming movie, Raees’ and boycotted it and he announces the support to the movie, ‘Kabul’ of Hrithek Roshan. He wrote in this tweet that this Raees is not for the country and he is useless. He also showed his favor with the movie, ‘Kabul’ and declared that he is the patriot and they should go side by side with him.

In the movie, ‘Raees’, Pakistani leading and popular actress, Mahira Khan has performed in the lead role and this move will be released on 25 January. On the same day, there is another Bollywood moie, ‘Kabul’ which will also be released. After the criticism of the BJP leader on the social media, the long series of new discussion is started on the social media and people are criticizing the tweets of BJP in which they showed their bias against Shah Rukh Khan. Now there will be great competition between these two movies on the box office.



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