Building of Cheaper Solar Cells


The group of the scientists made the plan for the introduction of the cheaper solar cells, which they will make with the use of the compound eyes of the fly. The silicon solar panels are being utilized to generate the electricity and the researchers are still working for better and cheaper alternative of electricity. The scientists of Stanford University are making cheaper photovoltaic mineral, which is known as ‘perovskite’ for people, who like to shift the solar power.

This mineral is effective and efficient as the silicon based solar cells to convert the sunlight into electric energy. They are brittle and can be easily faded in presence of other elements. The team is discovering the way to increase the durability of the material and they found the solution in compound eyes of the insects.

Hexagon Scaffold

The solution suggests the covering of perovskite microcells by the hexagon-shaped epoxy resin scaffold to measure 0.02 inches wide. They gather number of those, which are together like the honeycomb to imitate the compound eye of the insect. According to their study, the wall of scaffold helps to protect the fragile minerals because of the epoxy resin, which is resilient to mechanical stresses.

Testing it out

If their suggested solution work is test, then it exposed their designs to high temperature, which reaches to 85°C and 85 percent relative humidity for 6 weeks. The result showed the eye inspired panel of the insect keeps generating electricity in the harsh environment.

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