Samsung Starts Smart Cars Race Too

Samsung Starts Smart Cars Race Too

Samsung is the leading and most tremendous technological firm and now it started its business in the smart cars. The executives of the company decided to try their luck in the similar ... Continue Reading →
Motor Cars Prices in Pakistan

Indus Motor increased Car Prices in Pakistan

Toyota brands in Pakistan are made by Indus Motor and the company has increased the prices of its various variants from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 which has made things difficult for ... Continue Reading →
Imported Car

Government Increases Taxes On Imported Car, Local Manufacturers Maintain their Monopoly

The federal government has already announced the federal budget in which various taxes were imposed on the users. Now the government has presented the mini budget, in which new taxes ... Continue Reading →

Karachi Red Line buses Plan

Karachi is a big city and it has about 20 million population, which is very congested. This city faces the problems of transports as huge number of population travel from one corner ... Continue Reading →

AeroMobil Says That Flying Auto Will Go On special In 2017

AeroMobil reveals that Flying Auto Will Go On special in 2015. You just need some more years to have flying autos. A company mentions that they have manufactured models which can both ... Continue Reading →
New Auto Policy will Cut Import Duties by 80%

80% import duties imposes on Autos in Pakistan

Pakistan’s car industry has been under pressure to carry on over the years, since the average citizen lacks the finances to buy brand new cars. It does not assist that the car financing ... Continue Reading →
Google Auto Cars

Google launches self-driving autos

New York, Google has introduced the small automatic vehicles, which can run on the road automatically. These small automated cars will be on the roads from next month. This is the two ... Continue Reading →
Dodge Viper ACR 2016 Images

2016 Dodge Viper ACR Returns As The Fastest Snake Ever Built

In 2011 a Dodge Viper ACR left the Nurburgring along with a latest production car lap record of seven minutes twelve seconds. Just lately has that time been eclipsed by the Porche 981 ... Continue Reading →
Lahore Auto Show

Antique cars Auto show organized in Lahore

An auto show was organized in Lahore to demonstrate antique cars. These beautiful cars, which ran to several years of road, mesmerized everyone. Lot of people came to see these lovely ... Continue Reading →

Pakistan Auto Show 2015 held at Karachi Expo Center

Pakistan Auto Show 2015 is ongoing in Karachi Expo Center. Local and foreign companies are showing their cars in this individual show while expert engineers are giving every type of ... Continue Reading →
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