Apple Focuses on Autonomous Car System

The CEO of Apple Inc said that Apple is focusing on the technology for the self driving cars. He said that the company is concentrating on the car autonomous system. He further added ... Continue Reading →

Unique battery-less train in China

China has manufactured a train that will travel without railroad. Now, the train in China will travel on road that will be controlled by sensors on the road. For this purpose, a sensor ... Continue Reading →
Lahore Ropeways transport

Ropeway Transit System soon in Lahore

People in Lahore will now be able to travel through Lahore using chairlifts. According to an announcement by CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, a ropeway transport system will soon start in ... Continue Reading →

Uber Fires 20 Employees after Harassment Probe

Uber Technologies Inc said that it fired 20 employees and it has improved the management training after the investigation by the law firm into sexual harassment allegations. After ... Continue Reading →
Best Cars You Can Buy in Pakistan

Best Cars You Can Buy in Pakistan

With the start of 2017, the automotive industry took the good turn in Pakistan and various new cars have been introduced in the automotive industry of Pakistan in the first five months ... Continue Reading →

Electric Cars will be Affordable In few years

The electric car is the right replacement of the cars, which run on petrol. The petroleum technology is very expensive and it has great burden over the pocket of the common people. ... Continue Reading →

Suzuki Toyota & Honda Facing Issues

Pakistan local car manufacturing companies are facing some supply issues because of their poor build quality and expensive vehicles and they are also facing the production capacity ... Continue Reading →

A Prototype Car Traveling 1150 Kms in 1 Liter Petrol

Fossil fuels are still preferred by most of the people while lot of work has been done on alternative fuel efficient cars. Hybrids also could not achieve much success although you can ... Continue Reading →
Al-Haj Hyundai Launches Two Heavy Duty Vehicles in Pakistan

Al-Haj Hyundai Launches Two Heavy Duty Vehicles in Pakistan

Al-Haj Group has made the partnership with Hyundai Company to launch the two heavy duty vehicles, heavy duty truck and luxury bus and the light duty trucks in the Pakistani market. ... Continue Reading →

Best Seven Seater Cars you can buy in Pakistan

The automobile market of Pakistan is facing the deficit of seven seater cars and by the size of the cars, the seven seater cars are necessity for the large families in Pakistan. They ... Continue Reading →
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