Xbox Scorpio

Microsoft Xbox Scorpio Most Powerful Gaming Console

Microsoft has introduced the Xbox Scorpio, which is the most powerful gaming console in the market. Microsoft did not work in the gaming area but it has done numerous efforts for Sony’s ... Continue Reading →
Western Digital First Portable SSD

Western Digital First Portable SSD

Western Digital is included in the largest manufacturers of hard disk drives of the world and this company has launched the first ever portable SSD and it is small enough and you can ... Continue Reading →

Chinese Engineer Just Married Robot He Created

Is it possible that a person loves a ‘thing’, instead of a human being, so much that he decides to marry it? In normal conditions, it is not considered a possibility but one such ... Continue Reading →

Pakistani Students win Invention Competition in USA

The students of National University of Science & Technology (NUST) have won the 1st position and award in a longevity design challenge in California’s Stanford University. This ... Continue Reading →
New Car to Resolve Traffic Jam Problem

New Car to Resolve Traffic Jam Problem

In big and small cities, traffic jam is a big issue and sometimes people even think of having a car that can climb above from other cars to get away from this nuisance. Now this idea ... Continue Reading →

Supersonic passenger jet to cut travel times

The time is approaching fast when we will see the flight of a passenger jet that can travel from London to New York in 3 hours and 15 minutes. $33 billion has been raised by an aircraft ... Continue Reading →
Get Placement of Friends through Google

Get Placement of Friends through Google

San Francisco, Google maps has added another new feature in its app and now the users can share their placement in the real time with others. They can tell the right direction and place ... Continue Reading →

First Globals Robotics Challange in Pakistan Soon

An international robotics event will be held between students of various languages and backgrounds by FIRST Global in which one team from every nation will participate. FIRST Global ... Continue Reading →
Google Maps

Google Maps latest Features

There are reports that Google is working to update its mapping service after which the reminder of car parking will be given to the users of service. Android users are provided with ... Continue Reading →

Pakistan to Auction 4G Spectrum in May 2017

The government has detailed an Advisory Committee for auction of unsold Nest generation Mobile Services (NGMS) spectrum (4G) and it gave go ahead to auction the 4G spectrum. The officials ... Continue Reading →
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