Employment to Disabled Through Robot Employees

Tokyo, The technology has been developed in Japan and the disabled people are providing the jobs sitting in their homes. Under the provision of this technology, the robot waiter will ... Continue Reading →
New Robot

Robotic Flying Learning Glider Just Like Birds

San Diego: In 21st century birds flying is still a wonder for us, for this the experts have made a robotic glider, which will use its artificial intelligence and will reveal some secrets ... Continue Reading →

Antutu Ranks The Best Value Smartphone’s For Every Budget

Antutu Smartphone is quite well known for its performance benchmarking app. For many years this app has been used to give the ranks to the smart phone on the basis of their performance. ... Continue Reading →
Apple iPhone XS

Apple Reveals iPhone XR, XS and XS Max

Apple has introduced the three new smart phones , which look alike to iPhone X and they are given the names of XS, XS Max and XR. The smart phones look like their predecessor, iPhone ... Continue Reading →
Gymnastic Tricks

Amazing Robot to Show Gymnastic Tricks in Air

California, The scientists are succeeded in making such a robot, which can show the wonderful and amazing gymnastic tricks in the air. According to international media, the scientists ... Continue Reading →
Tree Drone

Drone Planting 0.1 Million Trees in a Day Prepared

UK has prepared such a drone, which can plant one lac trees in a day. This drone can fly to such place where the human access is not possible. 30 drones of such type can plant over ... Continue Reading →
Nikon D3500 Cheap Entry Level DSLr

Nikon D3500 Cheap Entry Level DSLR

When the flagship mirrorless Z6 and Z7 camera were revealed recently, Nikon has announced the entry level camera and its new D3500 is the successor of the popular D3400 and it has ... Continue Reading →
Samsung 8K QLED TV

Samsung Introduces 8K QLED TVs

Samsung is the leading mobile phone and TVs manufacturing company, which has launched the 8K QLED TVs and these TVs will be available in the market in the 65”, 75”, 82” and 85” ... Continue Reading →
Mobile mosque in Tokyo

Mobile Mosque in Japan Olympics 2020

During the Olympics in 2020 in the Japanese capital city, Tokyo, the mobile mosque has been introduced to keep the religious necessities of the Muslims. According to the details, the ... Continue Reading →
Drones on the Sky

Set New Record to Make Beautiful Drawing by 2000 Drones

San Francisco, Now the drones are being used for the fireworks and they are set in particular style during their flying and new designs, pictures and sceneries are being made in the ... Continue Reading →
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