Modern Hypersonic Glider

Modern Hypersonic Glider with 8 times speed of Sound

The time is changing so rapidly with advent of modern technology that now it seems that we will soon be able to reach from Sydney to London in just 2 hours with the help of a new supersonic ... Continue Reading →
Pakistan Railways

Pakistan Railways can Save Billions of Rupees With This Technology

Western countries are continuously shifting from fossil fuels to renewable resources especially with help from companies like ‘Tesla’ and now the Asian countries are also following ... Continue Reading →

Women Takes Divorce from Husband on Not Replying Messages

  A woman in Taiwan takes divorce from husband as he didn’t replied her message on mobile phone. According to foreign media, a woman filed a case of divorce in court against ... Continue Reading →
Fitness Trackers of Huawei

New Fitness Trackers of Huawei with OLED Displays

The Chinese company has introduced the two new wearables in Band 2 and Band 2 Pro with the emphasis on the long battery life and heart rate monitoring. Waterproof OLED Displays Huawei ... Continue Reading →
Master card

Get MasterCard Credit Card on Your Own Terms and Credit Limit

  Most of the Pakistani clients do not qualify to get the credit card. They tell the people that they must have the salaried job, sizable income, office address and verifiable ... Continue Reading →
Dubai Introduces Ambulance for Women

Dubai Introduces Ambulance for Women

If a woman faces the problem, then the women should bring the ambulance for them. The women ambulance service has been introduced for the women so that it can help them to reach to ... Continue Reading →
AI of Microsoft Gives ‘Eyes’ to the Blind

AI of Microsoft Gives ‘Eyes’ to the Blind

The Research AI division of Microsoft has released the virtual guide for the blind and dubbed ‘Seeing AI’. Aim of Seeing AI If you add the word ‘describing’ to name of app, ... Continue Reading →
Raspberry Pi Powered Tool Detects Earthquakes Inexpensively

Raspberry Pi Powered Tool Detects Earthquakes Inexpensively

Raspberry Pi Shake is small computer with the sensors, which are attached to it and it can pick up on the vibrations. It has the latest version and Shake 4D is more perceptive in picking ... Continue Reading →
Scientists of China Teleport First Object into Space

Scientists of China Teleport First Object into Space

The Chinese scientists have teleported the first object into space and they made its teleportation possible. China announced on 10 July 2017 that they have made the breakthrough and ... Continue Reading →

WordPress Includes Many Social Media Sharing Options

  The online publishing platform is provided various much needed updates. Its many additions are provided at the social media and with this update, they can say ... Continue Reading →
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