Electric Cycle that Produces Energy from Feet Movement

A company from Holland inserted treadmill in a cycle in such a way that now you can go to your work while walking on the treadmill. It is not only a weight reducing treadmill but it ... Continue Reading →

American Scientists Successfully Prepares Artificial Blood

New and unique inventions by scientists and experts have created several comforts in human life. Recently, American scientists have been able to produce such blood that can also be ... Continue Reading →

Bluetooth 5 With 2X Speed & 4X Range Announced

The users have been waiting for the launch of the new Bluetooth 5 since long and now the Bluetooth Special Interest Group has made the new generation of Bluetooth version 5.0. Now the ... Continue Reading →

Modern Small Tank with Machine Gun Fire

An Estonian Company has made a small, speedy and dangerous tank which not only can run at 24 km/h with three men in it but can also fire at its target 2 km away through its machine ... Continue Reading →

Russia prepares Modern Robot to Conquer Moon

Russia has developed the most modern robot of its type which will be used to control moon and it also resemble humans. This robot, Feeder, is 6 feet high with 160 kg weight. It has ... Continue Reading →

Radiator Battery That Remains Charge for Thousands of Years

The scientists of University of Bristle, London have made a practical experiment to use a diamond battery composed of atomic waste that remained charged for 100 years. This invention ... Continue Reading →

11 Surprising Information about Mars planet

After earth, Mars is perhaps the only planet where human researched most while most of the space shuttles are also sent towards mars because we are hopeful that Mars is the only planet ... Continue Reading →

Japan is to Build World Fastest Supercomputer By 2017

Japan plans to make the fastest supercomputer of the world in 2017. China has already made a fastest computer of the world five years before and now Japan is making plan to for fastest ... Continue Reading →
Super Man

An original Superman in Switzerland

Swiss Jetman surprised the viewers after flying alongside 8 planes. The adventurer of Switzerland showed strange exhibition of flight in the air alongside 8 planes with help of small ... Continue Reading →
China Prepares first Passenger Drone

China Prepares first Passenger Drone

The drone company of China has brought the revolutions in by-air traveling by preparing the first passenger drone. This unique and innovative drone sets up the world record of being ... Continue Reading →
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