Stephen Hawking Stats Alien Discovery Mission

Stephen Hawking Stats Alien Discovery Mission

Now scientists believe in the presence of aliens as NASA and many scientists think that another creature like humans is also present somewhere in the universe. Now famous scientist ... Continue Reading →
Introduction of Action Video Game “Dark Souls 3”

Introduction of Action Video Game “Dark Souls 3”

Another part of famous video game “Dark Souls” has been introduced for the fans. Final trailer of the game has also been released. In this game, prepared by Japanese videogame company ... Continue Reading →
SpaceX makes historic rocket landing

Spacex Rocket Landing

SpaceX has launched its Falcon 9 rocket on drone ship in Atlantic Ocean successfully. It has launched the rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and sent the dragon cargo capsule ... Continue Reading →
NTC Signs Contract

NTC Signs Contract for Establishment of its Data Center

National Telecommunication Corporation has signed the contract with Inbox Business Technologies to set the Cloud based Data Center. NTC confirmed that the Data center will be added ... Continue Reading →
Car Produces Electricity for Entire Home

Car Produces Electricity for Entire Home

Amsterdam, The engineers of Holland claimed that they are producing such a car, which can help to produce electricity for the entire home. The experts say that they have installed an ... Continue Reading →
Amazon Robot Division

Amazon In Frame As Google Sells Robot Division

Google’s parent company has done the impressive breakthrough to sell the company and the next company could be Amazon in future. It is said that Google has sold the robotics division ... Continue Reading →
Rocket Cut Mars Journey

Rocket Cut Mars Journey Time To Six Weeks

It is announced that the thrust of nuclear propelled rocket and the chemical rocket has same but the weight of the chemical rocket is half and it makes it quicker. Now Russia has made ... Continue Reading →
Robots cars

Robots could creates unemployment to 50% in 30 years

An American expert says that robots and computers will be able to do every such task which is done by humans today that will increase the international unemployment by 50%. Prof. Moshe ... Continue Reading →
Farmer Robots

Farmer Robots Invented to Run Farms

The progress in robotics is expanding the participation of these auto machines very quickly. Now robots are performing such works which were unbelievable few decades before. The robots ... Continue Reading →
Microsoft Dives Underwater

Microsoft Just Put a Data Center Under Water

Our data in Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo mail and others is saved in the servers of these companies. The numbers of customers of these companies are in billions and their all information ... Continue Reading →
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