Checking Sui Gas bill online


Incorporated as a private company in 1963 Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) was converted in to a public limited company under Companies Act 1913 in January 1964. SNGPL is now registered under Companies Ordinance 1984 and is listed in all three stock exchanges of Pakistan.

Sui Northern Gas Logo

Sui Northern Gas Logo

The issuance of bill takes place according to the record of meter reading on the meter and the rates for all the consumers are according to the notification of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority.

The pressure factor is applicable for the calculation of actual volume of the gas consumed for commercial purpose in general.

Other factors are applied to calculate the right volume of gas which is consumed by Industrial Consumers and the factors include Temperature and Super Compressibility factor.

For the convenience of the consumers now it is possible to check the bill online either on computer or on the mobile, a bill serial number is just required not just that records of previous bills can be generated online with printing options available as well.

The status of your bill can be checked by entering consumer number in case of Consumer Bill and Industrial number in case of Industrial Consumer.

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