Child with stone Like Skin in Bangladesh


An 8 year old child in Bangladesh is suffering from a rare, strange and extremely painful disease due to which his body is turning hard like stone.

Other children and people of the village fear from this child, named Mehendi Hassan, due to which this child is spending his life in his home. Though, his face is clear but there are hard scales on other parts of his body due to a rare and painful disease and he seems like a stone from distance.

Due to this disease, the skin of Mehendi Hassan has become so sensitive that he feels severe pain if someone touches him. Due to this situation, he avoids touching anyone else and it is very difficult for him even to wear clothes.

Other people have rejected the child but his parents are busy in his care. Mother of the affected child has requested the Bangladeshi government and from people around the world to come forward on the basis of humanity and help them to provide medication to their child so that he can also spend his life like normal children.



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