Chinese Engineer Just Married Robot He Created


Is it possible that a person loves a ‘thing’, instead of a human being, so much that he decides to marry it? In normal conditions, it is not considered a possibility but one such thing has happened in China as an engineer with specialty in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has married a robot that he designed himself.

Meet Zheng Jiajia

Zhen Jiajia worked as an engineer for Chinese telecom giant ‘Huawei’. Artificial Intelligence was his basic field in which intelligent machines are designed that act similar to humans. At Huawei, he founded a unit specializing in robotics and AI. Currently, he is working in a startup called “Brain of Things”. Ahead is the extraordinary story of Zheng.

According to reports, an unofficial wedding ceremony was organized by Zheng for himself and a robot named ‘Yingying’. It is not known whether he was willing to marry a robot or he just want to get attention. This robot can recognizes Chinese images and characters while it can also reply in simple sentences and this robot acts the same way similar to many smartphones of today.

The only difference of Yingying from smartphones is that it has a type of physical body that married from a human. Zheng said that he has accomplished his dream of getting a spouse.

Currently, this robot can’t do much but Zheng wants to give it the capabilities to walk and do few household tasks. He wants to build a robot that could be his real girlfriend.

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