Chinese Language Training Program 2017 to be attended by 40 Pakistani Teachers


40 Pakistani teachers will participate in the International Chinese Language Teachers Training Programme 2017 for which they left for Beijing on Sunday. The see off ceremony of these teachers was attended by the charge d’affairs of China Zhao Lijian.

Zhao Lijian told on that occasion that Beijing Municipal Commission of Education (BMCE) is sponsoring this 15 days training program while Pakistani candidates of this program are sponsored by Chinese Embassy in Pakistan along with Beijing International Education Exchange Center and BMCE.

He added that China is not only the official language of China but also one of 6 official languages recognized in the UN. Chinese is spoken as mother language by around 1.5 billion people in the world.


Chinese Language Training Program 2017

Chinese Language Training Program 2017

It was also told that people around the world are learning Chinese to get job opportunities and also for personal interest. In 140 countries, there are 511 Confucius Institutes before the end of 2016 while Chinese is included in the national education system of around 70 countries.

The Chinese government is trying to promote Chinese language and culture in Pakistan while currently there are 1 Chinese Culture Center and 4 Confucius Institutes in Pakistan. They are also encouraging Pakistani students to study in China. There are around 18,000 Pakistani students in China out of which more than 5,000 are studying with help from Chinese scholarships which makes it the leading country to get Chinese govt. sponsored scholarships.

He also said that they are encouraging the teaching of Urdu language in China in order to communicate better with Pakistanis. Currently, 7 Pakistani universities teach Urdu to students. Under this current program, the Chinese Embassy has sent around 160 Pakistanis teachers to China and they are selected from all over Pakistan.

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