Clients Can Live With Friend on Instagram


There were the days when Instagram was limited to share the snaps. Now you can do more with it and you can share videos add geo stickers and filters and can go live from the instagram account.

Now facebook has introduced its own app and Instagram released the new feature to allow the users to go live with the friend. The instagrammers will be able to start the live video and they can invite others to join in on-camera. They can start from today and they test the fun way to go live with the friend. They can hang out and go live together whether they are doing homework or catching up on the day. It is easy to add the friend, when they are broadcasting and they need to do all they need to tap the new icon on the bottom right and tap ‘Add’ to invite others, who are watching the video. When they join, the live video screen will split into two and the friends can pop up right below. The viewers will be able to like and give the comments, when they follow it.

The users can remove the guest and they can add others at any time or the guest can choose to exit. The instragrammers will be able to share the videos to stories when the session is ended and simple choose ‘discard’ to remove the video. The company is testing the feature with the small percentage of users and it will be rolled out globally over next few months.

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