CM Punjab Green Tractor Scheme


Punjab Green Tractor Scheme

Punjab Green Tractor Scheme


The Punjab government has announced the green tractor scheme. This is a good thing done by the Punjab government for the farmers. Pakistan is a agricultural country because of that most of the people are connected to agriculture. 341 billion announced by the PM Nawaz Sharif for the small growers.

Cm Punjab Green Tractor Scheme

The Punjab government has used 5 billion rupees to give 25000 green tractors and the price of the tractor is 25% low then the actual price of the tractor in the market. This way the Pakistani farmers have to use less money on buying the tractors and will be able to use more money on the crops. The Punjab government has also announced this scheme in the last year and provided a lot of benefit to the farmers, while the scheme also gave a big boost to the local spare parts and assemblage industry. 100% merit applied on this scheme, and only that farmer will get the tractor that is eligible.

Punjab Green Tractor Scheme

Punjab Green Tractor Scheme


The Punjab government has decided to again launch the green tractor scheme to make an increase in the agricultural production in the province. This time the government has also allocated the quota for each district on the basis of population, the sources said that Lahore district has been given by 799 tractors and the department has received 1700 applications same goes with Gujranwala they have been given 222 tractors and the department has received only 10 applications. The government has added the scheme in the non development projects for the next fiscal year. Last year the government has given the tractor on 50% less price as compared to the real price but this time the 50% has reduced to 25%, the sources said that the tractors will be given through the lucky draw.

Keep this in mind that the Punjab chief minister Shehbaz Sharif has also introduced this scheme during his last government and the scheme was proved successful as the farmers got benefited from the scheme which helped the province in producing quality agricultural products.


Age limit 18-35 (males & females).

Take no loan from banks and government.

The land holding application in the tehsil must not exceed 2.5 acres.

The total land holding in the whole country must not exceed 25 acres of canal irrigated.

Government servants cannot apply.

Punjab agricultural helpline (8 am to 8 pm)



Punjab agricultural sms helpline (8 am to 8 pm)


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