Computers with Unlicensed Software in Pakistan


pirated software

pirated software

The sale of the pirated computer software is on the increase and the companies have to face the loss of billions of dollars due to the misuse of the licensing or from the sale of the pirated computer software or programs.

The spectator index has ranked Pakistan on the third position on the list of the countries, which use most unlicensed software in the world. The list is prepared on the basis of data, which is collected from BSA, ‘The Software Alliance’. Computers with Unlicensed Software in Pakistan.

According to the report, 83% of the computers in Pakistan use unlicensed software and the study reveals that the Latin American country, Venezuela is on the top position. The index shows that 83% of the computers in Venezuela use unauthorized programs and Indonesia is at the second position with 83% pirated software. The South African country, Nigeria is next to Pakistan at the 4th position, and Vietnam has the score of 74% with the 5th position in this list.

There are some other countries on the list, which are China with 66%, Russia with 62%, Egypt with 59%, India with 56%, Turkey 56%, Saudi Arabia with 47%, Brazil with 43%, Italy with 43%, France with 32%, UK with 21%, Canada with 22% and Germany with 20%.

Japan and America have the minimum use of pirated or unlicensed software programs in the world, which can have 16 and 15 percent of such computers respectively.

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