Discovery of Method to Kill Cancerous Cells Automatically


Tal Aviv, The scientists of Israel have discovered such a method which can compel the cancerous cells to suicide and the cancer disease can be treated completed.

According to the report published in the research journal, that the experts of Tal Aviv University have discovered such a new plan to kill the cancerous cells with ProAgio protein, which can treat every kind of cancer in the future, as the experts do not have such a plan to kill these cancer germs.

ProAgio is the protein that helps the healthy cells to kill themselves after completing their lives and new and fresh cells replace them. The treatment based on the protein, ProAgio is applied on the different cells, which are placed in the pattery dish and on the rats successfully and in the next stage, the limited trials of this treatment will be tried on the humans. It is necessary that the healthy cells should be finished themselves voluntarily after completing their natural age so that new cells replace them but it is not happened in the cancer disease. Such cells do not commit suicide after completing their age and they remained present in the tissue. When the new cells are made, then the tissue is expanded slowly and it takes the shape of gland and with the passage of more time, this gland is also increased in size.

In the treatments of cancer, the methods like radiotherapy and chemotherapy are used but they affect the cancerous cells as well as the healthy cells. These treatments also have many side effects. Furthermore, these methods are used to give treatment to such types of cancers, which is present on outer skin or little bit in the body. If cancer is present in the inner parts like lungs, pancreas and liver, then they cannot get enough success.

It is expected that with the use of new technique, the natural capability of committing the suicide in the cancerous cells on the right time will be restored and it will also help to remove the cancer from the body forever.


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