Dosti Unlimited Offer by Warid


Warid is a leading telecom network company, which has been established in this country for last many years. This network company has offered Dosti Unlimited Offer package, which comprises of friends and family offer, monthly data bundles and daily unlimited data. This cellular network is fulfilling the demands of the voice and data needs of the customers.

Warid Unlimited Dosti Offer

Warid Unlimited Dosti Offer

Activation and Charges

Friends and Family Offer—Unlimited calls to 10 FNF numbers for Rs. 10

Warid has presented this unique friends and family offer to the customers and they can make unlimited calls to 10 friends and family numbers for Rs.10.

  • Warid has offered this unique offer to its valued customers by sending a SMS to 7777 and it will cost for Re.1.
  • You should send Add or Del to the 2129 for the addition and deletion of Ward number and you will be charged for Rs.2 per SMS.
  • If you want to add a contact number in FnF in this package, then you will have to pay Rs.9.
  •  Warid will claim charges of Rs.9.99 per day for making call on these numbers.
  • You can send FnF off in the SMS on 7777 and un-subscribe this package.
  • If you have enough balance then you can activate this offer again.

Daily Unlimited Data Offer provides up to 100MB data browsing available for Rs.10

  • You can send UL in a SMS to 7777 and subscribe this package for Rs.11, which is the SMS offer charges can be deducted by Warid.
  • Now you can browse up to 100 MB data and utilize this package for the whole day long.
  • You have to subscribe this package every day because it cannot be subscribed automatically.

Monthly Data Bundles—500MB for Rs.50 a month

  • You can pay Rs150 and get 500 MB and 2 GB data bundle for Rs.500 per month.
  • You can send 500 MB or 2 GB in SMS to 7777 and subscribe for these packages.
  • You subscribe this offer one time, then you do not need to subscribe it daily and you can continuously enjoy with this offer.
  • When this package is expired then you will have to renew it.



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