Duck like Animal Milk Killer of Dangerous Bacteria




Sydney, The modern research has revealed that there are many bacteria, which have created the resistance against the current anti biotic medicines. To kill these bacteria, the animal, Platypus can be proved very useful and it has the capability to replace with the traditional anti biotic.

There are many germs in the human body, which have the resistance against the antibiotic and in their presence, the treatment of different infections become difficult. However, after the modern research, there is a hope to solve this issue. The research has been carried out in Australia and it is said in this research that protein chain being present in the milk of platypus can have complete ability to fight against the infections, especially against killing the germs, which became the reasons of the disease, which have created the resistance against the anti biotic.

Platypus is the animal, which has duck like beak and it lays the eggs like bird and it also gives the milk to its offspring. The female platypus leaves the drops of milk around its offspring, which can save them from the attacks of the bacteria.

The scientists associated with ‘Common Wealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization’ (CSIRO) of Australia started the research work on the milk of the platypus in 2010 keeping in view the unique characteristic of its milk and after long 8 years of research work and they discovered that the milk of platypus has the capability to kill various types of the bacteria and they can also kill the strong germs of Stephilo Coax Oreas. This kind of bacteria is called ‘MRSA’ in the medical literature and it has created the resistance against the anti biotic and the medicines cannot control them.

The research workers said that the capability in the milk of platypus can be very useful to finish the Stephilo Coax Oreas as they can attack on the upper parts of the respiratory system of the human body. They can also become reason to produce the burning on the outer skin of the human being, stomach and inner cover of the intestines and the antibiotic are available in the market to treat them but these germs have created the resistance against such medicines.

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