Easy Paisa Transfer, Sending and Receiving Money


Easy Paisa has just been started by the Telenor using this service any Pakistani can transfer the funds across the country, the total number of outlets are 4000.

Everything regarding Easy Paisa will be provided, a complete set of instructions regarding the money transfer will be available in the post.

Easy Paisa

Easy Paisa

How to send Money through Money Transfer

Following things are required for the sender:

  • Nadra CNIC card with 1 photocopy which is mandatory by the sender.
  • Valid CNIC number of the person receiving money which is mandatory.
  • Phone numbers of receiver and sender which are optional.

With following things mentioned above you simply have to go to any authorized Easy Paisa and required to do:

  • Provide the retailer above mentioned things and tell him the amount of money you want to send.
  • Transaction will easily be done by the retailer and he will ask you to enter the passcode which you should not disclose to everyone.
  • You will be given a hard copy of the receipt and a transaction ID as soon as the transaction is completed.
  • You have to pay the retailer money and service charges which are given below.
  • In case of cell numbers of both receiver and sender is provided they will be notified through an sms and you will not be notified with pass code in SMS only the CNIC number and ID amounts.

It should be kept in mind that the receipt should not be disposed because it is the only proof of your money being sent. Pass code shouldn’t be given to anyone both which would then be given to receiving party and money is transferred.

Receiving Money from Money transfer. How?

You have to do following things if your family member or a friend has sent you money through Money Transfer and following things before you go to Easy Paisa:

  • Valid and Original CNIC and one photocopy which is mandatory.
  • Transaction ID told by the sender which is mandatory.
  • The Pass code told by the sender which is mandatory as well.

You are ready to make a transaction with all these things just visit the nearby outlet and :

  • Transaction ID should be told to retailer
  • Bring with you Original CNIC and its photocopy
  • When you are asked enter the pass code on retailer’s phone.
  • Take your money.

All the NADRA CNIC which has expired shall not be accepted for Money Transfer Transactions, like sending or receiving money.

A Demo Video available here for your better understanding of the whole process.

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