Electric Metro Bus Get Charge in Just 15 Seconds


Geneva, The electric metro buses are run in the capital city of Switzerland, Geneva on the experimental basis and their batteries are get charged in just 15 seconds. After that these buses leave to their next destination quickly.

Different companies of Switzerland have manufactured these metro buses, which run on the electric power and also get charge from electricity and these companies prepared these metro buses with the cooperation of the government. The batteries are installed on the lower side of the buses and there is movable anchor on the roof of the buses.

These buses start from the Geneva airport and it go to different parts of the cities and their stops are also design in special way. The charging plugs are installed on the significant height. As soon as the bus is stopped on the stop then between the interval of ascending and descending of the passengers from the bus, the anchor installed on the roof of the bus catch the charging plug and it gives 600 kilo watt electricity to the batteries of the bus to get charged in just 15 seconds.

After being charged in just 15 seconds, the bus takes its 130 passengers and it can travel to more 2 kilometers. When the bus reaches at its bus terminal, its batteries take 4 to 5 minutes to get charged fully. The Swiss government says that when this service will be started completely in 2018, then over 10 thousand people will travel through this public transport and this service will also help to keep the weather pollution at the minimum level.


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