Energy Production from Salty Water


Rivers of the entire world fall in seas due to which now scientists have experiment successfully to produce electricity from normal and salty water. Now the experts say that electricity can be produced by making a system at the joining place of drinkable and salty water.

The experts of USA and Switzerland have prepared a large electrical cell. You can understand it by considering a huge tub of water where there is drinking water on one side and salty water on other side and there is a special porous membrane between them. The molecules of drinking water will come towards the sea water in this process that will be called osmosis.


The experts put the width of the membrane equal to just 3 atoms through which only positive charge ions can pass and electrodes were present on both sides of membrane. When these positive charge ions come across the membrane, it produced current.

The experts think that one megawatt electricity can be produced with 1 square meter membrane which can complete the requirement of 750 houses. But an effective system is required to acquire electricity, protect its loss and move it ahead.

The experts told that extraordinary electricity can be produced by making these systems and putting them on delta. Additional research can help to get many times more electricity than electricity from solar and wind turbine.

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