Excessive Potential of Wireless Charging in iPhone


San Francisco, The startup company of California, ‘Ease Goes’ is working of the midrange wireless charging system, which can charge any equipment at the distance of 15 feet and it is said that this company is working for Apple.

The analysts of the technology have been saying for last many months that there can be revolutionary changes in the next iPhone, in which the screen having the curved edges and other wonderful features are included. There are many key agreements have been signed between the ‘Ease Goes’ and ‘Apple’, which can become the cause of various important changes.

Besides all these, the participating companies of Apple, are also working with the semi conductor and peekatron. The company, ‘Ease Goes’ carried out different successful experiments  to send the electricity to the remote areas through the tinny antenna and now it is working on the wireless charging on the business scale, which means that you can charge the iPhone without any wire being at the distance.

Now iPhone is celebrating the tenth birthday and the Apple Company wants to give surprise to the world. It can make such a glass display, which has curved edges and the home button will be the part of the touch screen and the complete glass casing can help in the wireless charging. The tremendous change is expected in the next iPhone and the plastic OLED screen, dual lens 3D camera and complete white set is also expected in the market.

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