Experience Letter Format


Experience letter is a business type letter, which the company issues to its workers, employees or staff in their favor, when they demand it and they look for the new jobs. It is a proof that this person is looking for the new job and he has the experience to work with the company. Almost all of the company uses different format of experience letter but there are now most of the companies in Pakistan, which use formal experience letter format. The experience letter is just like a certificate to assure that this person has work experience and he possesses the abilities and qualities, which are mentioned in this letter. It confirms the resume of the employee or CV. The experience letter is divided into different parts to show the particulars and also the work experience of the employee.

Format of Experience Letter

The experience letter or the certificate contains the following points.

1.      Letter Head:

The experience letter is issued on the proper letter of the company and it is added with the name of the company, location, contact address and email.

2.      Salutation:

The experience letter should be started with the proper salutation like ‘Dear  concerned’ or ‘To Whom It May Concern’.

3.      Introductory Paragraph

After salutation, you need to give the brief introduction of the worker or employee and also mentioned his conduct, behavior and work experience. You also need to mention the period from which date he joined the company or office and his date of leaving the office.

4.      Closing Paragraph:

You need to mention his experience when he was working with you in this company and also mention his plus point in the letter and his work for the company.

5.      Complimentary Close:

Then you need to add the complimentary close and you should appreciate the employee for the future.

6.      Signature Line:

At the end, you need to close the experience letter with the signature line.

Here is sample of experience letter

Experience Letter Format

Experience Letter Format

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