Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Twitter crackdown on hateful speech


Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Twitter has decided to eliminate hateful material from social media according to the European Commission’s Code of Conduct and it will be removed within 24 hours after receiving application.

Four giants of internet world including Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Facebook have decided to crackdown against hateful material. Now every type of inappropriate material will be removed from internet within 24 hours of report after checking. This step is taken in order to stop the increasing activities of terrorists recently.

Terrorists and criminals are using social media to exploit the younger generation. Apart from that, material is also posted against each other to revenge individual fights. Although, appropriate material can also be reported earlier also but now these big companies have promised that their representatives in the whole world will remove this material within 24 hours after checking.

Facebook and Twitter are two biggest social media sites and they are busy in taking further steps also. According to this, artificial intelligence will also be used to identify such hateful and inappropriate material. This system can automatically remove such material after finding them. For example, this system can find the pictures of adult content and armed men more quickly and in large numbers.

The unity of these four companies was much required to maintain the social media as a peaceful and friendly medium of communication.

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