Facebook Vulnerable To Be Hacked without Password


Most of the people know that saving facebook password on public computers can make the job easier for hackers. But there is a more dangerous condition through which the hackers can occupy your accounts. James Martindale (18) received a message from Facebook that he didn’t logged into his account for long.

James later found an existing account on Facebook with a new number SIM card. He tried to access the account by pressing the recovery key which providing him an option to gain access by texting a recovery code. In the end, James was able to access the number without a password that was previously associated with the number which is really alarming.

Apart from that, the social media giant provides the option to change the password which was intended as a protective measure but it can instead make the real users lose their accounts without even knowing that their accounts have been hacked.

The problem comes with the Facebook option that you can link multiple numbers with your account and removing the old ones is not made compulsory by Facebook. James told that three months have passed since he reported this problem to Facebook but the company hasn’t done anything regarding this issue.

Facebook responded that phone numbers can be given to other persons instead of the original owners and they can use it to log into Facebook after which it is required to reset password. If the account is still associated with that number, than the person with this number can take control of that account which is a concern but it is not a bug. Facebook has no control over Telecom authorities who control the phone numbers associated with any account. The any solution to this problem is to unlink any old number from your account through settings.

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